It’s time to get serious

The time to tryout is going to run out for the Crossroads Cowgirls 2020 season.  Training camp will begin shortly after the tryouts and we need YOU to suit up to play 8-on-8 tackle football.

Head Coach Kevin Black has called for a tryout for September 15 at 6 PM at Memorial Practice field.

You may contact GM Jeff Magnia at 361-648-0574 for more information.  Here is some information that you will need to know in preparation for the tryout.

  1.  Start running or join us at practices on Wed and Thur at 6:30 at Memorial Practice field so you can begin getting some conditioning in.
  2. Wear cleats or tennis shoes.  It is your choice.
  3. Bring four things:
    1. Bottle of water
    2. Your ID
    3. Tryout fee ($20)
    4. Enthusiasm and toughness

We want to make history in the Crossroads area and want you apart of it.  Many in this area are saying that we don’t need a women’s football team.  I say they are wrong.  Let’s prove it!  You will be joining a sisterhood and a professional team environment that matches no other!  

If you have any other questions, contact Magnia at the number above.

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