Cowgirls Cease Operations

The Crossroads Cowgirls officially shut their doors today.  A number of factors contributed to the folding of the team.  The lack of sponsorship funds was one key, according to GM Jeff Magnia.

The formation of a new women’s football league didn’t happen and the loss of players that recently signed contributed to the decision.

Magnia posted on their team FB page and delivered a Facebook Live Video to the team making the announcement.  Players are released from their contracts and free to play where they wish in the state.  Magnia has promised to help those that want to continue their careers find new homes.

Personnel Director Gigi Jones posted on her personal page, thanking everyone help realize her dream.  Although it did not go to full fruition, the team did make history by making it to the field as the first ever, all-womens football team in the Crossroads area.

All involved would like to thank you for your support of the Cowgirls.

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